This is a Portal of Universal Life League. We aim to “Do the Right Thing” according to the foremost principle of the Universal Life League, and the single doctrine “Always Do the Right Thing” based Universal Life Church,  represented here at the “Universal Life” page. For further info on the Universal Life Church please go to the church’s address: http://www.ulc.net/

Although, some of our members are also members of the Universal Life Church, this is not a religious portal of this church, and our aims aren’t of a religious nature but rather quite secular, most often based on the local communities’ life.

There are also some pages within the “Universal Life” section, dedicated to the Slavic Faiths, Universal Life Church, and various faiths and believes in general. Spiritual life plays quite a big role in the lives of most of us, therefore, it is accordingly represented here, but just as non-doctrinal, non religious and rather secular spirituality in the natural life of people.

One think to remember at this site!
Our policy is: Trolls Out without Warning!

Universal life League is a No-Political-Correctness site, and we do not appreciate here at all any “political correctness'”. Please mind it when commenting, or writing to our pages, as our Admin, and all Monitors, shall not tolerate, and will stump out without warnings any “political correctness'”, that is regarded here as a most dirty, purely political propaganda – which it is in fact. Political Correctnesses will be eradicated here always as a Trolling,  just as sharp as all personal attacks of anyone towards anyone, or any personally offending comments, or similar uncivilised behaviour… This is not a site friendly to HYPOCRITES. Hypocrites, Trolls and other Low Life Forms and Worms can look and find many other place on the Internet that fits very well their mentality. They can, and are free to exercise there, their unhealthy theories, acts and aims.

You will find several different pages on quite different topics here, like: Universal Life, Slavic World, Survivalism, DIY, and even Esperanto. As the site develops, I’ll add other interesting topics. In the meantime, all the best to all our friends and funs of this site.


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