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Here below is also our action against monopolising, corporate greed and Mafia-like unscrupulous acts of some multinational health and medicaments products companies and corporations worldwide. Out in action together with Globalisation and Mafia rules, hand in hand with the Bankster’s trying to rule the world by proxy without our knowledge, and against our best interests worldwide…!

The link below is the first action since creating this site.


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Health Recipes

Here you will find many wonderful,  simple and cheap to make recipes that our grandmothers used to do to keep our parents and ourselves healthy. This days, many are forgotten, giving way to quick , but often deadly chemical staff. A lot of them come from India, Africa, Asia, but still so many come from …

Health Remedies

There are many useful, wonderful healing plants, herbs and remedies that I come by browsing the Big Net. Very many of them you can grow home and in your garden. Many you can find while travelling… I think you will have a good time browsing through that staff and using it for your own, your …

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