Apr 03 2015

Australian Nomads

An Itinerant-Nomadic Life Style Australia is a unique country with a lot of space to travel. One can live whole life in this country and never get bored with travelling her from one end to the other, which is quite a few thousand kilometres. Itinerants, otherwise called wayfarers or nomads are people who chose the …

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Apr 02 2015

Like Monsanto, Nestle tries to patent NATURE.

Reprint from the site action.sumofus.org/ Here’s a link to the original article; http://action.sumofus.org/a/nestle-nigella-sativa/?sub=fb Can that be ever, any more disgusting than that?! Fallowing steps of Monsanto, now Nestle, tries to monopolise and patent NATURE!!! Just see below… If you don’t appreciate it too, go tot he link below, or above, and sign the protest/petition to …

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Apr 02 2015

Living Self-Sufficient

There is  more and more difficult to live this day. And this happens all over the world. One of the causes is a low level of knowledge on self sufficiency in the high waste and high and quick consumption society we live these days. This is one of the main matters to deal with also …

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