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Many of our members are Slavs by origin, either living in Slavic countries or emigrants to different parts of the world. There is growing number of Slavs, who tend to return to the original faith of their forefathers, the Slavianism, being by itself very ancient Slavic Faith, aand being certain sort of Hintoism, quite a bit like Hinduism. Slavianism has had mutual holy books with Hinduism known as Vedas, (books, not one book!) that had had been till the present day completely destroyed on all Slavic territories by the encroaching Christianity, earlier by Judaism (Hunnic Empire), and later also Islam, as well as fighting amongst each other Christian sects and Churches at later times… This is a faith where people believe in one God, but in many forms and appearances, called Gods, Saints, Avatars, etc.

As this is a very wide topic, and deserves a really deep treating in all its complecsity, I think there will come a lot of additions as time goes and we find more and more about it. All interested welcome to come here often, as I will be adding gradually more materials as fast as fast I can translate them into English, and/or get some materials in English.

All welcome to participate!


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