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  • Nothing's like the travelling.

AS we live now in quite uncertain times, I think we ought to take care of our future not only financially _- if you can afford it – but mainly by self leaning, and teaching others how toi survive, and not only survive, but even to prosper and strive, in ALL situations.

There are so many natural disasters occurring at present, that some people even start panicking about it. Especially that the so cold Mass Media – having been as a matter of fact just the Mass Lie Media – add fuel to the fire with their hysterical reports, most of the time based only on some hearsay, or even entirely made-up, what I have found out so many times till now and have proven it to myself, and my friends, by going out and checking the story for truth whenever I could do it. In 90% of cases, this happened to by plain lie, or at moist some facts heavily twisted by manipulation. And this is one of the first important lessons in leaning the Survival and Prepping this days:

  • Do Not Trust Mass Media For Any Price!

In that situation. The best one can do is quietly, and confidently start learning how to survive and live prosperously in even worst situations. And this is not something that only some special people can do. IF such disaster like a natural calamity of any kind, or a war comes, we won’t have much choice anyway. We will have to adapt. And so, this is material for literally all people, of all ages and social circles, no matter where we come from.

This is why I built this site and try do do as much as I can to make it as simple to use as possible and make the membership in our Survivalist and Peppers’ Community available for free to all. If you fallow than, the

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