Apricot Kernels Fight Cancer

Apricot Kernels Kill Cancer without Side Effects

In 1952 Dr. Ernst T. Krebs discovered a vitamin B17 which he named “Laetrile”. It is also called amygdalin, from other name for Almond, in which it was discovered first, and strong almond like taste, due to its cyanide content.

Amygdalin (“Laetrile”) is contained in the highest quantity in the apricot seed kernels (seeds), but also in the cherry and sour cherry kernels, and in somewhat lesser quantity in all other fruits, but especially in their seeds and kernels. Amongst them, it shows in high quantity in seeds of all popular fruits like: apples (their seeds), pear seeds, in plums (their kernels), peaches, etc.


Why these facts about apricot kernels are hidden from us?

The Cancer Industry makes more than 200 billion dollars profits a year!

This is the main reason why all natural methods of fighting cancer are hidden from the public, which is us. Edward Griffin says that natural, and cheap remedies for healing and preventing cancer are known already long time, but they are being hidden from us. So, what it is that makes an apricot seed one of the most effective remedies for fighting the cancer?

The apricot is full of amygdalin (also known as the vitamin B-17) and there is no other plant that would be a greater source of an amygdalin than the apricot. This is a vitamin very beneficial for the body. It eliminates the cancer cells, improving at the same time the immune system, what makes the cancer disappear, and re-occurring of the cancer becomes virtually impossible.

,Other researchers found also out that the tribe called ‘Hunza’, in Himalayas, never knew any cancer because the apricot is one of main ingredients in their diet. They consume well over 200 times more Vitamin B17 (amygdalin) than any population of Western Countries. Amygdalin consists of 4 substances: two of them are both the glucose, one of them is benzaldyhide, and one is a cyanide.

People are made to think that all and every form of cyanide is dangerous for our body. But, the chemistry teaches that, individual constituents of compound ingredient, change their characteristics when they are contained in the compound form.

After the vitamin B17 is absorbed in the body, it gets transformed in the human body by the enzyme Rhodanese. The Rhodanese degrades the Hydrogen and the Benzaldehyde by-products: Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid, which are useful in supporting cell-health and promote the metabolic production of the Leatrile, vitamin B12.

Any superfluous amounts of these by-products are ejected in normal process by our body with the urine.

Vitamin B17 goes through the body and doesn’t stay more than 80 minutes, because the Rhodanese degrades it (sugar is 20 times more toxic than B17).

Once the B17 reaches cancer cells, Rhodanese is not presented to degrade, and disable it. There are large levels of Beta-Glucosidase and once vitamin B17 comes in contact with this enzyme, chemical reaction starts where Hydrogen Cyanide and Benzaldehyde are acting synergistically in order to create a poison which eliminates cancer cells.

This process is also called selective toxicity. “Only the cancer cells are targeted and killed”. Because there isn’t Rhodanese contained in cancer cells, the Cyanide and Benzaldehyde act as selective toxicity agents and kill only the cancer cells.

However, Dr. Krebs couldn’t patent this discovery,as the laetrile is not developed chemically, by people, but it is a vitamin naturally grown by nature herself.

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