Living Self-Sufficient

There is  more and more difficult to live this day. And this happens all over the world. One of the causes is a low level of knowledge on self sufficiency in the high waste and high and quick consumption society we live these days.

This is one of the main matters to deal with also within our society, and we decided to do as much we can to mutually inform and dissipate the knowledge how to live more economically, more prudently and using our resources more wisely.

It is true. Great part of the blame to ever increasing difficulties in just simple living is the present politics, but not only. We ought to know and accept as a fact that our own actions can improve our lifestyles a lot, and with practically not extra expense, but changing our habits and priorities in some cases. Wrong priories, make wrong economical outcomes, and our own life suffers on it, by health lost, money lost and economic loses all along.

Very soon you’ll see here some practical tips on how to live easier, more economicall and happier lives.

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